Six on Saturday 28 June 2019

Thought I’d get out early to enjoy my garden as I’ve got a busy day ahead and it’s going to be hot! First up today is my Lychnis Chalcedonica or Maltese Cross. This is it’s 3rd year in my garden and the best ever!Speaking of bests, this must be the tallest Verbena Bonariensis that I’ve grown – well, actually, this, like many others in my garden, are self seeded. Lots more coming up but this one is already about 6 foot tall, certainly taller than me and my fence!

Last year I had a bit of an epic fail when it cam to pruning my clematis as I pruned the wrong one in Spring. But this year it’s made a reappearance although I can’t remember its name…..Here’s a sweet little Potentilla that I found last year which seems to have survived. Unlike another one, also planted last year of which there is now no sign:

Another one of which I can’t remember the name, this was given to me by a friend last year and seems to be enjoying it’s spot! Finally here’s a reappearance of my rose Princess of Phoenicia. This is like having 2 roses in one as it’s a beautiful deep pink when it first flowers and then fades to a peachy apricot colour after a few days. In this cluster you can just about see both. That’s it for this week. Enjoy the beautiful weather and head over to The Propagator for more sixes.

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  1. Looking good. Just noticed my self seeded verbena coming through today.

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  2. I had an Epic Fail with a couple of Clematis’s last year. No sign of one but the other one Ooh La La is recovering slowly. Everything is looking healthy in your garden.

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