Six on Saturday 20th April 2019

So I went away for a few days on Tuesday, returning yesterday evening.  After a few days of lovely weather the change in my garden has been amazing – it’s all systems go!

First up is the first flowering of my Geum Mrs Bradshaw. I think this is the 3rd year for this one – originally grown from seed by my friend Andrew’s Mum who is a demon seed sower on the Isle of Wight!


Now here are a few shots of my Wisteria – these were still in bud when I left on Tuesday but now it’s peak Wisteria!  The smell is amazing too.  This is a very mature plant – it was already ready very rigorous and eating the house when I moved here 11 years ago.  Although it’s always a bit of a battle keeping it under control, the 1 or 2 weeks a year when it is in full flower make it worthwhile !


Third year for my apple tree too and it’s in beautiful blossom.  The first year I removed all the baby apples to help it establish at the advice of my gardening guru friend Jackie.  Last year it produced a few fruit but only 2 small apples that were edible.  I’m hoping for more this year.


The next three are a preview of things to come.  Here’s my Golden Wedding rose – I think this will be its fourth year.  It is certainly much bigger and bushier than previous years and it’s looking like there will be a great display this year.


Ox-eye daisy mayhem!  I bought two small plants two years ago and they are taking over the border and also self seeded into the gravel.  I’m going to allow it for this year as they will give a great display  – but then may try to temper them a little….


And here’s my thug – the Hops.  Despite digging up two thirds of this, it is coming back stronger than ever.  It is already at the top of the fence and has taken a few days to get that high – I dread to think what it will look like in a couple of months!


And finally here’s a bonus photo of Rupert who insisted on being included.  He is very happy that the good weather is back so he can lay out in HIS garden all day!


That’s it for now – hope everyone has a wonderful Passover / Easter / long weekend.  Head over to The Propagator for more sixes.

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  1. susurrus says:

    Happy Easter to you too. The apple blossom is so lovely with that flush of pink. I hope you’ll be rewarded with more apples this year.

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  2. I grew ox eyes from seed year before last. There everywhere now but did give a good display last year.

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  3. Jim Stephens says:

    I love Ox eye daisies, they grow in huge swathes on road verges hereabouts, and for me that’s where they should stay. At least in my conditions, it’s just too much the thug. As a child I remember seeing a patch on a railway embankment which had had the petals painted multi-coloured with watercolours. I don’t remember where I went yesterday mind.

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  4. cavershamjj says:

    Ha, i have a hop too, albeit a relatively well behaved dwarf variety (6 feet). It is rampant, but it does do a great job of covering a fence panel. I’ve split it a couple of times too.

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    1. It does indeed! I’m a bit x armed about it this year as it’s only April and it’s already at the top of the fence. By September it will have eaten my house!


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