Six on Saturday 1 September 2018

First Six for me for a few weeks as I’ve been away on the Isle of Wight and then in Edinburgh.  Some of these will be repeats from earlier in the year, but looking good at the moment!

My Japanese Anemones have been in my garden for a few years now and always put on a good show.  However this year I’ve noticed that they are not as tall as usual – I wonder if this is because of the hot weather?  I did not that some of the leaves were wilting during the very hot weather – I wonder if anyone else has noticed this? img_3222 My yellow ‘Golden Wedding’ rose has just started another flush of flowers – in previous years its kept going til November.  One year it was about to flower on 1 December but was stymied by an overnight frost – maybe this year? img_3220

It’s been an exciting morning in my house today.  My 6 yr old nephew, Dexter – who wants you to know that he will be 7 in 2 weeks – stayed overnight for a sleepover.  This morning he helped me with some cuttings – mixing up the compost, and dipping in the rooting powder. I was going to take cuttings from both my Salvia Caradonna as well as my Salvia Microphilla ‘Glimmer’ – both new plants this year.  However, the Caradonna was looking a bit sad although I noticed it has started new growth – but probably not sufficient to take cuttings from yet.  So I’ll keep any eye on this and do in a few weeks.  However we did manage these from the Glimmer – thanks to Dex for his help!:img_3218

Hopefully these cuttings will be as successful as these Penstemonns which I took this time last year, and are doing really well:


Second time I’ve featured these – like the Japanese Anemones they are looking good again (it’s their second year) – but not as tall as last year – here are my Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’:img_3224

Finally, my Maltese Cross are making a comeback – I cut it right back earlier this Summer after if finished flowering. It then looked a bit bare so I planted some Rudbeckias – and now they are being overtaken by the return of the Maltese Cross!:


That’s it for this week – head over to The Propogator for more sixes.  My nephew now wants to make his own web-site so wish me luck!

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  1. March Picker says:

    I am a fool for anemones always. Perhaps mine aren’t as willowy this year either due to lack of rain.

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    1. Yes love anemones! Interesting, thanks


  2. janesmudgeegarden says:

    I didn’t know it was possible to take cuttings from penstemons; I must try that myself. The anemones are lovely too: some of my plants didn’t grow so well in our hot summer, so perhaps that’s your answer.

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  3. Yeah it worked really well. In Carol Klein’s book, Grow Your Own Garden, there’s a step by step guide to Penstemonns so I followed that. Good luck!

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  4. cavershamjj says:

    I have found salvia to be very cooperative in the cuttings department this year. If they survive the winter they’ll be good little plants in the spring.

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  5. Great! Will keep you posted 😉


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