Six on Saturday 28 July 2018

A bit of a different one today with some shots of my borders (hope that’s not cheating!) as well as a preview of things to come. First here is my so-called ‘hot border’. I’ve featured the coreopsis and echinaceas over the last few weeks so here they all are in the border, together with the velvet queen sunflowers and Helianthus:Next here is my contrasting border (haven’t named this one). fronted by Agapanthus and dahlia foliage with the Echniops and Gaura. Here’s a closer view of the Echinops. Although they were featured a couple of weeks ago they’re now flowering beautifully and the bees are loving them: A single plant now. This Penstemon is a success story for me as it has grown from cuttings I took at the end of last Summer. I’d had Penstemons in my garden for a few years, they used to give a fabulous display but started dwindling to nothing so last year I took cuttings, kept them on my kitchen windowsill over Winter and planted them out at end May. They’ve now started to flower. My first attempt at cuttings so I’m pretty pleased, and will do the same in a few weeks with some Salvia. Here’s some phlox which was given to me by my friend Jackie just a few weeks ago, about to flower: Finally some dahlia buds. This is the 2nd year of my dahlias which I grew from tubers originally planted at Easter last year. They flowered July onwards last year although didn’t do much after September – maybe because my garden gets less sun later in the Summer. This one did flower a couple of weeks back but now looks like it’s going to be a bit more prolific, hopefully. Can’t remember it’s name, but it’s a lovely dark yellow. It will feature in a future six! So that’s it for today. Head over to The Propogator for others…..

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  1. janesmudgeegarden says:

    Your borders are looking charming- and full! Well done on the cuttings, it’s always satisfying to propagate plants isn’t it?

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    1. Yes I’m really pleased. Thanks!

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  2. Ali says:

    I am growing Echinips ritro for the first time and they are fascinating! I am enjoying them as much as the bees are. Well done on your cuttings. This is a skill set I still avoid, as I have never been very successful, but it is such a brilliant way of adding more plants.

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    1. I may have got lucky but I’m going to try again this year with my salvias. Yes I love echinops and they’re pretty robust too!


  3. So glad your penstemon cuttings are thriving. I must try that.

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  4. Lora Hughes says:

    I’m rubbish at both cuttings & penstamon, so double envy here. Really love that dahlia’s foliage. It must be impressive w/a yellow bloom. Future Six contribution?


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