Six on Saturday 21st July 2018

Last week it was all about Coreopsis, this week some of my Zinnias. These are ‘Raspberry Lemonade’ bought a few weeks ago as plugs from garden centre and now looking their best. And here are some ‘Orange King’ grown from seeds from Gardeners World magazine. The slugs got most of these when I first planted them out, but these are looking great. And the flowers last for ages too, the oldest one flowered at end June and featured in a previous Six post. Really tall too…..Whilst talking about pots, these osteospermum are now on their second flowering, they don’t seem quite as prolific as Zinnias but lovely just the same:Now here are some Agapanthus. These were originally planted in a border by my Gardener in my Corporate days. For 2 or 3 years they looked fab but in recent years they’ve only produced foliage, no flowers. So, following advice, I dug them up at the end of last Summer and put them in pots. Two of the four pots are now producing flowers, so some success: These Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ were a bit of a star at the end of last Summer, until a few blustery days blew them all over. This year I’ve staked them to prevent a similar end, so I’m hoping for great things. They’ve just stared to flower this week, and I’m hoping they’ll continue for a couple of months at least. I love the pale yellow of these:Finally another plant bought last year. I bought this Hibiscus late last Summer. It didn’t do too much, as I planted it at the end of its flowering season. It’s also just started to flower this week in my front garden and I’m hoping in future years it will grow as large as some of the ones I’ve seen locally. That’s it for this week, head over to The Propagater for more sixes.

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  1. Ali says:

    Jealous!!! Love all your six. Our hibiscus stubbornly refuses to flower, and I dug up my helianthus in a moment of paranoid bindweed fear. Need to replace.

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    1. Thanks! Think I’ve got lucky with the Helianthus as they seem to really like the spot I chose for them.


  2. Lora Hughes says:

    I think another SoSer used the same method w/their agapanthus, saying they like their roots to be tight or something along that line. Glad it worked for you. I really love your zinnias. I’ve never seen them in quite that combo of colours. Really something. You’ve managed lots of colour this summer. Envy envy envy!

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    1. Thanks! Yes, I think the agapanthus like to be quite restrained. In terms of colour my basic philosophy is just throw it all together and see what happens!


      1. Heyjude says:

        They also like to be watered and fed apparently! I forget to feed mine hence only a few flowers. This might help:

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  3. Heyjude says:

    I am beginning to rethink my ‘no way’ policy about Zinnias. They do look lovely. I am trying to avoid plants that S&S love (slugs and snails) but maybe if I buy them as ready established plants they might cope? Well this year they would given how dry it is. I wonder if there are any in the nursery sale…


  4. March Picker says:

    Lots of loveliness there! I am not a zinnia person (something about their stiffness…) but that first charmer is so different and delightful. Maybe the two tones give it a type of movement to the eye that zinnias usually lack?


  5. Oh that first Zinnia Raspberry Lemonade is a stunner!

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  6. Love those Raspberry lemonade zinnias. Never seen those before, just stunning.

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  7. The raspberry lemonade looks good. My osteospermum shrivelled when put into their pots despite watering lots. But hoping a second burst of flowers from them.

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  8. I also have ‘Lemon Queen. I love that it doesn’t need any staking at all, even in this adverse weather. A lovely Six

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