Six on Saturday 14 July 2018

I’ve gone a bit Coreopsis mad over the past few weeks.  I included three last week and today I’ve just bought some more.  These ‘Big Bang Redshift’ – four tall plants to fill a bare space in a border.  They were pretty pot bound when I got them home but hoping they’ll do ok for the rest of this Summer even if I don’t see them again:


These Echinops have been in my garden for years and usually put on a pretty good show.  Last year I made a disastrous attempt at dividing them – one half didn’t survive at all and the other half was a little stunted.  This year it’s looking as if they’re back to good health and just starting to colour:


Another long standing plant is this Ceratostigma ‘plumbago’.  I moved into my house almost exactly ten years’ ago and this shrub was in full flower – it’s the only plant I remember from one I first moved in.  I cut it right back every Spring and always puts on a brilliant show.  These are the first of this year’s flowers:


Another border-filler: this is a Rudbeckia ‘Little Gold Star’ which I planted last week along with the Coreopsis in order to fill the gaps where I cut back my Maltese Cross:


This rose – my ‘golden wedding’ has featured before but I love this shot in which you can see the whole life-cycle of it’s flowers- the deep yellow when it first flowers and then the paler colour as it gets a bit older, and then finally the remains before it is dead-headed:


Finally a new purchase.  I’ve never been that impressed with Hydrangeas before but seeing Carol Klein pot one up at Hampton Court last week inspired me to get one to add to my front door pot collection.  This is a Hydrangea Macrophylla ‘Koria’:


That’s it for this week – hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  Head over to The Propagator’s Blog for more sixes….

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  1. Looking good. I scattered some Echinops seed earlier in the year, but no sign of life yet.

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  2. I’ve become a little of a hydrangea fan recently so that would be my favourite. Gorgeous. X

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  3. March Picker says:

    What a great start to your foray into the world of hydrangeas! Welcome and may you have bountiful blooms.

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  4. Ali says:

    I can see why you are in love with coreopsis – that one is beautiful! Are they hardy?


    1. Good question! Not sure. One of mine survived from last year. Will let you know next year! 😉


  5. Big Bang – what a great name for that Coreopsis!

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  6. Jim Stephens says:

    I want a job where someone pays me for making up names like ‘Big Bang Redshift’. Being an astrophysicist would help perhaps.

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  7. Love the pinked edges to the Hydrangea flowers and the Coreopsis is a great colour. Lovely Six


  8. Lora Hughes says:

    I love roses that change as they open, mature, then fade. Makes things so interesting to watch. Your coreopsis is a bit like that, too. Really beautiful. And you chose a smashing hydrangea, imho.

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    1. Thanks! Really pleased with the hydrangea, thinking of getting a second!

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