Six on Saturday 7 July 2018

So…Hampton Court week.  I’m still recovering.  I had to leave by 2 to get home to teach so I needed to see as much as I could in just 4 hours.  I managed this but doing so in the heat, followed by 4 hours of teaching, took it out of me.  I even missed my Friday morning gym session.  Definitely need to take day off next year and take things easier….

But…..did I manage to resist buying all the plants?  I’ve not had great results in the past when purchasing plants from the show.  Of 6 plants purchased last year, only 2 survived to flower again this year.  I therefore resolved to not buy any plants this year, but just to use it as inspiration.  This resolve lasted about 30 seconds after entering the show when I passed all the stalls with their 3 for £12 offers.  For most of the four hours in which I was wondering around the show I was mentally planning what I would buy and where I would put them – not to mention how I would carry them back to the car….to purchase one of those annoying wheelie crates or not?   In the end I ended up buying one plant only – this Echinacea Purpurea Pow Wow White.  I had been really tempted by the big blue Eriginums but worried that I wouldn’t have quite enough sun for them.  img_2520

The following day I visited my local nursery which was offering 20% of all plants.  I had a particular space I needed to fill – I’d had to cut back my Maltese Crosses this week as I had failed to stake them this year and they’d got really floppy and messy.  Cutting them all back created quite a messy space which I planned to fill with Coreopsis and Rudbeckias.  I found these lovely Coreopsis Li’l Bang ‘Starstruck’:img_2518 And these ‘Red Elf’:


On the subject of Coreopsis, I had planted at least 2 varieties last year but this is the only one which has survived and is now putting on quite a show:

img_2525Of course there is always an impulse buy when I visit a Nursery or Garden centre – and this time it was this Salvia Microphyllia ‘Glimmer’.  I’ve not had much luck with Salvias before – even the Caradonna I planted a few weeks ago is not flowering well.  But this was less than a fiver with the discount so thought I’d give it a go:

img_2547Finally, the sunflowers I planted from the seeds which came from Gardners’ World mag are now starting to flower – velvet queen:


Hope everyone has a lovely weekend whatever The Result!  Head over to The Propagator’s Blog for more sixes….

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  1. Heyjude says:

    Lovely flowers – I see you are most attracted to the daisy type of bloom. I stay away from the garden centres as I just know I will be tempted!

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    1. I do like the daisies yes! And know exactly what you mean about the garden centre 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Heyjude says:

        I have just done a quick list of autumn bulbs and perennials and it has come to £80! Might need to revise that list!


  2. March Picker says:

    That salvia is unusual and very pretty. I am envious of your early sunflowers, especially since I took a break from growing them this year (starting a patch of 150 in previous years and keeping them staked just about did me in!).

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    1. Gosh, 150?! Yes I can see why you needed the break!

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  3. My velvet queens shrivelled and died a while back. Yours looks lovely. Have to try again next year.


  4. janesmudgeegarden says:

    I love salvias, almost my favourite plants for their toughness. I’ve one similar to your Glimmer in my garden. I get what you’re saying about purchasing plants…I always seem to come home with something and then wonder where I’m going to pit it.


  5. Mala Burt says:

    The sunflower is a gorgeous color.

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