Six on Saturday 16 June 2018

At the risk of coming across as a mad cat lady obsessed with her dead cats, here are the two roses that I have planted this year to mark the passing of my 18 year old tabby sisters, Miranda and Jemima.  Both these roses have featured in other six on saturdays, but I had Jemima’s ashes returned from the vets this week so was able to plant the Princess of Phoenicia next to Miranda’s Rosy Cushion. Immediately the roses have started intertwining – or curling up together just as my girls used to do:


My seed planting results have been somewhat mixed this year.  I planted Cosmos and Zinnias – free with Gardener’s World mag.  Both germinated well and grew healthy looking small plants but I think I either planted them out in the garden too soon, or the slugs have been particularly bad this year.  Only a few Zinnias remain, not yet flowered, and this is the sole flowering Cosmos so far.  Lovely colour though and I hope for at least a few more:img_2214


More failure stories.  Last year I planted a Salvia Caradonna which did really well throughout the Summer.  However it didn’t survive over the winter so I bought another one last week.  This year I’m going to have a go at taking some cuttings so I’ll have more for next year if this one doesn’t survive either.  Any tips greatly appreciated!


Slightly more success with last year’s Verbenas which have returned, self seeded and just starting to flower:

img_2212A lovely Dianthnus given to me by my friend Andrew at the end of last Summer – it’s first flowering;

img_2210And finally my climbing rose is starting to put on a real show this year – Sweet Syrie.  I only had a few blooms last year (it’s first year) but already this year seems like it’s going to be much better.  I’ll also need to get a much bigger obelisk next year I think as it’s already outgrowing the one I chose for it in Spring!


That’s it for this week – head over to The Propagator’s blog for more stories….

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  1. I think the slugs have been bad this year although if you’re having this dry patch it should see some of them off? You have some lovely surviving flowers though – love that bright pink Cosmos.


  2. cavershamjj says:

    I’ve grown caradonna from seed this year. Not sure if it will come true but looking forward to finding out. Good to know it is bit tender. I’ll take some cuttings too.

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  3. janesmudgeegarden says:

    Salvias are great favourites of mine and they’re very easy to grow from cuttings. Mine have self-seeded as well, so you might get a few extras close by. Then they can be transplanted quite easily.

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  4. Thanks! When is best time to take cuttings?


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