Six on Saturday 2 June 2018

A belated post this week. It’s been a sad week, we said goodbye to my 18 yr old cat Jemima who has gone to be reunited with her sister Miranda. A rose has been chosen, and will be planted in her memory shortly. Appropriately however, the rose I planted in Miranda’s memory, the Rosy Cushion, flowered for the first time this week. Here is my Anemone White Swan which I planted in March and has also just flowered this week. Last Sunday was a big gardening day. I planted out lots of zinnias, cosmos and sunflowers which I’d raised from seeds. And planted up these pots with Osteospermums. I’d also found this bench in a local antiques shop earlier in the week which I’m using for pot displays. Shortly the larger pots with my dahlias will be moved to the middle of the garden and the Osteospermum pots will form the bulk of the display. Another job last Sunday was planting out my Penstemon cuttings. I had a lovely Pink Penstemon plant, chosen by my gardener in my corporate pre-gardening days. However it started losing its lustre so last September I took cuttings, and kept them inside over Winter. I’m hoping these will be a good replacement. My first cuttings! My peonies have put on a great display this week. I bought a single potted Peony last year and when it had flowered I planted it in the border, where it shrivelled up and, I thought, died. But it has come back and tripled this year! Last Summer, around this time, I planted 3 Helianthus Lemon Queens. I didn’t realise quite how tall they’d grow and they put on a real display from August til October. This year it looks as if they’ll be even better. I’ve bought them a stake and given some of them the Chelsea Crop to stagger their flowering. And here’s Jemima, taken just a few weeks ago amongst the weeds. All now gone. 😥RIP

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  1. Sorry about your beautiful cat but lovely you have photos of her in the garden. I also struggle with the size of Helianthus. I’ve just dug a whole lot up as it was planted at the front of a border – I should have known better!


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