Six on Saturday 26 May 2018

Two out of four of my roses have their first blooms this week.  Here is my Golden Wedding Floribunda which is now two years’ old.  It was the first rose that I bought when I started gardening properly and it has flowered beautifully for the last two years.  This year there’s been a few attempted snail attacks but luckily, limited damage.6b96f174-2003-42be-8578-e5243128e0ceThe flowering of the next rose was so exciting that it was the subject of its own blog post earlier this week!  After seeing this Jacqueline du Pre at Hampton Court last year I bought and planted a bare root last November and this week it bloomed for the first time so clearly it had to feature as one of my six today….img_1969-1Last year I planted a couple of Leucanthemum vulgare – oxeye daisies.  I was warned by a friend that they would spread prolifically and they do appear to be doing so.  I don’t mind – at the moment, anyway – as I love these flowers and the ultimate theme of my garden is total randomness.  They have even colonised one of my pots and taking up residence nicely.  Only a few flowers so far but lots more to come:af4a6fd5-edb4-4e9b-b99f-bad49202ae8cThe previous owner of my house clearly had a thing for Jasmine and I have at least three separate types.  I think there may have been more than this but some were lost when my fence was replaced last year.  No bad thing as, although they are lovely plants, there is certainly too much of them for my small garden and I spend alot of time trying to manage them – cutting them back in Autumn and then again right back in Spring.  This one has lovely dark pink flowers – but no scent.  I don’t know what sort this is so I’d be grateful for any insight!5e4e52ff-30fc-4f8f-ae70-165d16539235Another climber which is a bit much for my small space.  This Hops has taken less than 2 months to get to this spread – there was virtually nothing there at the beginning of April.  It will be pruned and brought under some semblance of control this weekend:49b594f3-3cec-4e6e-9a4a-844cfeacadb7Finally, I am a grandma!  Well…… last year I grew 2 Lychnis Coronarias – both flowered beautifully (and hopefully will feature in some sixes in a few weeks).  I collected some seeds last August and stored them over the winter and then planted them in March this year.  I pricked them out and this week have just potted them on (gosh I sound like a real gardener!) and now have over 20 baby plants.  There is no room for more than 1 or 2 in my garden so I’m going to have to find homes for them.  I’ve already started giving them to some of my adult piano students!…img_1971So a big gardening weekend lies ahead.  I’m planning to lift my tulips from their pots, and put them in plastic pots to die down.  My daffodils are now properly dead so I can use their pots for summer displays.  Hopefully I’ll have something to show for it all next week. Til then…….  (oh and head over to The Propagator for more sixes…..)

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  1. janesmudgeegarden says:

    That Jacqueline du Pres rose is truly lovely with its pink anthers.

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  2. Mala Burt says:

    My lychnis are biennial so bloom on the second year’s clump and then die back. Mine self seed prolifically, but I love the grey-green leaves as much as the rose flowers on mine. My original plants came from seed I brought from my former garden.

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  3. Jim Stephens says:

    I think it’s Jasminum beesianum and I think it’s the answer to someone else’s mystery plant too, if I can find it again.

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    1. Thankyou! Yes that’s 2 votes for this. I think you are right. Thanks again!


  4. cavershamjj says:

    Nis the jasmine a beesianum? Injust bought one, it has pinky red flowers.


    1. It may well be, thank you! The only thing is they have no scent and most of the descriptions I can find say it is scented. But the flowers look very similar so probably yes. Thanks again!


  5. March Picker says:

    That Jacqueline rose is a beaut! Ah, I also am in the midst of emptying pots of tulips and filling them with summer lovelies. What a mess…

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