Six on Saturday 19 May 2018

This, apparently, is a Sisyrinchium. This has self seeded in my front garden – well, spilling onto the pavement.  I noticed the Iris-like leaves last Autumn and had no idea what they were or how they got there.  Now that it’s flowered, I have identified it with the help of a friend.  It’s lovely, I’m going to let it stay even though it just showed up! 1d79f60c-2a71-45f6-bed8-0e47132fa793

I have a very shady spot just outside my back door.  It used to contain a horrible climber which would eat my house and every year I’d battle with it.  So last year I managed to dig it out and replaced it with a Euphorbia and this Geranium phaeum Samobor – both of which do fine in shade.  3c4d6c80-e542-47c6-96c4-c84dbf62b827Here’s my Oriental poppy, ‘Raspberry Brulee’  Planted last Spring and just starting to flower again this year.  It’s not quite as high as I had anticipated but the flowers are stunning.  Poppies are definitely one of my favourite flowers! 050bff1c-b017-4146-a554-4fd436d1553eThis is a Passionflower Caeruela.  I bought it in March this year and it was already about to flower.  I’ve had a few flowers from it since.  It’s supposed to flower from Summer so I’m thinking it’s been a bit early?   Anyway, hoping it will colonise the fence in due course….69a767f5-44b3-42d0-987a-80244c874eacThis Knautia Macedonia has just started flowering.  I bought it last year, inspired by Alys Fowler saying they are good spreaders.  So far so good! 85f78343-08f7-4de7-b83f-95125ba20928Finally this is my Salix Flamingo 2.0.  My partner bought me one of these in April 2016 for my birthday.  It did well the first year and then died last Spring.  So that was my birthday present sorted for 2017 – another one!  So far so good, and I’m hoping this will have a long life….7d4a0971-1790-407c-b518-2174a79b39a4And as a bonus here’s Jemima…..0a8c0edd-0d5c-4bc9-b2fe-862ca38e24b9

Head over to The Propagator for more Six on Saturdays….

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  1. Ali says:

    Wow! What a lovely six! Sisyrinchium will be there to stay now and will self-seed (everywhere) if you want it! If you don’t want it to self-seed the babies are easy to pull out. Your poppy is lovely! I have just planted these pastel shades knautia too – have had the crimson version for a long time, and they do spread, and are wonderful for difficult areas, so hoping the pastel version is the same. Fab for bees too.

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    1. Mala Burt says:

      If I had a cat in my garden perhaps I wouldn’t have to deal with the bunnies.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. cavershamjj says:

    I’ve got a few poppies on the go from seed this year. Purple and blue. They are all still small so won’t do anything till next year I expect.

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